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April 2013 – Bithaus

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cobwebs and drawing with code

Trying to clear out some cobwebs.. so today I cleaned up (minimally, made sure it built and ran, converted to ARC, replaced CTGradient with NSGradient but not much else) an old project and put it up on GitHub. Waaay back when, I spent a lot of time drawing with code, I found it very compelling and eventually the results were reasonably rewarding. I’ve also long held this belief that if you can draw it in code, you might as well. You can avoid all sorts of hassles with sizing, resizing, scaling, etc. While that’s not always the best approach on iOS, for OS X it is still often the route I would take. Perhaps this is just residual legacy pain from trying to deal with media in older version control systems or just the horror from looking in resource folders with 1000s of items or even that most everything I’ve ever worked on had a non-trivial localization task involved.. or perhaps I just liked drawing with code.

When Time Machine was introduced I thought the bezeled ring on the icon looked pretty cool. (and no.. I don’t want to get into any kind of discussion about skeuomorphism.. the fact that I can actually spell that word without looking it up is testament enough to how much time I’ve spent on the subject) I wanted to see what I could do along those lines. I was also doing some tests in representing sound input.

The result was stunningly named Sound Level Test. I’ve just placed it on GitHub for your pleasure, be that usefulness to you or just for reminiscence to see something from almost 7 years go.

Here’s the project.

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