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October 2012 – Bithaus

Monday, October 22, 2012

Death of email

Just read an article about the impending death of email. (thanks for the link Vinnie)

A little while later it occurred to me that when I use FB, LinkedIn or Twitter that I really don’t suffer under the huge burden of spam that exists as email’s symbiote. Admittedly the email providers I use and the local spam filters I have do very good job of keeping all that cruft out of sight, but the amount is still atrocious. And this thought seemed so pleasant and delightful and even a little bit clever.. enough so as to inspire a post on this dormant blog. The idea that the death of email would bring along with it the death of spam – hooray!

Unfortunately as I started to write this, I thought about follower spam on twitter, well that doesn’t really count because it’s pretty easy to stifle. Oh wait.. there’s all that campaign stuff popping up on Facebook. How did that get there? Well at least in LinkedIn, it hasn’t shown up. (yet?)

Alright so maybe not the death of spam but at least a notable reduction. These communication portals built on “social media” all have an element of trust in them that is intriguing in it’s collateral impact on spam. You either choose who to follow/link/friend or who to accept as followers/links/friends and thereby extend your trust. Once in trusting relationship if you start to see spam you repeal your trust or unsubscribe or hide.. pretty tidy really.

Email, as much time as I have spent with you over these many, many years, I just won’t miss your tumor-ridden, parasitic corpse. RIP

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