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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The most stylish are often running a little late…

I finally opened this back up and added some things and fixed some things. Thanks in part to some contributions by Mark Hill over at MachineCodex and it really was long overdue.

I expect that 10.5 might change some things with windows *wink, wink* but this is probably still a useful class. Once 10.5 has shipped I’ll try to find some time to revisit this and make sure it behaves correctly.

Until then here it is – 2 significant changes:
1 – toolbars are maybe really actually finally at last working correctly, possibly
2 – separate gradients for top and bottom borders
3 – thanks to Mark Hill’s example, gradients are drawn directly into the bg image
4 – the files have been cleaned up
(the astute will note that I don’t really feel 2 of the items above are significant, that might as well be left as activity for the reader)

Note: In order to avoid extra work from adding a second gradient, I chose to break the old API (just a little bit). So this is not a drop in replacement but you will know that right away.

StyledWindow is now on GitHub <30 Apr 2013>

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